Pavilion of the Origins in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Pavilion of the Origins is located in Hanoi which is one of the most air polluted cities in the world. In 2016, the PM2.5 particulate level recorded in Hanoi was seven times higher than the permissible level set by the World Health Organization. Vietnamese architect Hung Nguyen aims to generate clean air with the Pavilion of the Origins.

Pavilion of the Origins is an attemp to bring the clean air back by setting a place for living plants which can help detoxify the air. They are not just ornamental plants for decorative purposes, but they are air-purifying plants that can absorb harmful toxins from the air. The pavilion sits on the terrace of a 3-storey house in Hanoi, with the main structure being constituted by many cuboid frames. Each small cuboid frame acts as a small pavilion for a few plants, then the superposition of many cuboid frames creates a big pavilion for human scale. With varying heights, the spaces in spaces flow into each other. Light is poured down, wind comes through the voids. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. A harmonious relationship is established between human, nature and space.

Architects: Hung Nguyen Architects

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