‘Inside the Flower’ at the International Garden Exposition Berlin

LAVA’s membrane pavilion showcases a new installation, ‘Inside the Flower’, an experiential medicinal garden by Australian artist Janet Laurence at the International Garden Exposition (IGA) Berlin.

LAVA collaborated with Janet Laurence to materialise her laboratory-like space of discovery, an exhibition of medicinal plants, showcasing the diversity and ambivalence of botany. Taking Laurence’s concept design LAVA created the sculptural pavilion based on the geometric structure of a medicinal plant, a fabricated cellular environment inspired by plant anatomy. A transparent mesh membrane made of natural cotton is wrapped around the outside of the pavilion structure. The stainless steel cupola has twelve ribs to support a central ring, with two industrial perspex skylights forming a lens. This inflated translucent water bubble connects with tubes and hanging vials of plant fluids. Five rings of curvy shelves house cellular clusters to display the plants.  Both botanical display and performative space it allows visitors explore the plant world from the inside.

The Pavilion is on display until 15 October 2017.

Architects: LAVA

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