Ooho! Edible Balls Filled With Water

The invention was named Ooho! “The water that we can eat,” and is made of a biodegradable material that, if you do not eat, decompose for 4 to 6 weeks. It can add color and flavor. The bubble can be filled with juices, soda, or any liquid you can drink.

Skipping Rocks Lab, London-based start-up company, seeks to change the way we drink water from plastic bottles, creating edible water bubbles that can be filled with any type of liquid. Using edible membrane made from seaweed extract, Skipping Rocks Lab hopes that their innovations will help reduce the problem of plastic waste. Oohoo! is just the beginning of the mission to develop an alternative to plastic cups, plates and plastic bottles. A production Oohoo! costs less than plastic bottles, which is already a great start.

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