Vegetable Trellis in Vietnam

Global climate change has been influencing the agricultural productivity in many areas, especially in Vietnam today. The project is the service area beside an auto care center. The visitors of this area and the clients of the center can sit and have a rest here, where part of the food is from the vegetables that are planted in the project.















When the construction came into operation, reality has showed that the space is very clean because the air is filtered by a vegetable trellis above. This is a really energy-efficient project as almost only sunlight is used the whole time the center is open every day (6AM – 6PM). Besides, every space is well-ventilated and we don’t need to use air conditioners. With a simple and useful idea, the architects desire to inspire people to grow vegetables at their homes, not just in Vietnam but also in many other countries around the world.

Architects: Cong Sinh Architects

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