SIDESIP: the safest travel drink container

Jeremy Lopynski, founder, explains: Clear View Cups, LLC,a family-ownedcompany andthe makers of Sidesip, recognized the need for a new design for travel drink containers when a family member was ina major auto accident due to a distracted driver who had taken his eyes offthe road while drinking coffee. The design change was logical; move the spout where the liquid is sipped to the side of the cup so that your nose does not force you to tilt your head back and the cup is not in the way.


Sidesip also was built with all of the other features of the highest quality drink containers to include:
✓The 18/8 Stainless Steel Cup keeps hot drinks hot for 10 hours and cold for 20hours.
✓The cup is double-walled and vacuum sealed.
✓The BPA-Free Tritan™ top is engineered to be better. The top is clear, durable, safe and stylish.
✓The top re-directs the liquid to the side spout which allows maximum straight ahead vision.
✓The cup fits under most single serve coffee makers and in most auto cup holders.

Sidesip on Kickstarter

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