Flowerpot -Watering from the Side

It is always troublesome for those who grow flowers, when branches and leaves at the bottom part of the potted flowers are covering the soil. They have to water the leaves instead of the soil, spilling the water out on the ground and also making it hard to water the roots. This way, the flowers can’t grow normally. We can solve this problem easily by devising a flowerpot that can water the flowerpot from the side. In general, flower roots are 3-4 cm beneath the cultivation soil. So we added a tray at the outside of the pot 3cm away from top of the pot, and made six units of dropping water holders with an even interval at the part where the tray and the roots meet. When watering the flowers, what we need to do is pouring water on the tray, and the water will seep along the dropping water holders into the soil. This way, watering flowers is a breeze. The extended tray can also serve as a holder when moving the flowerpot.

Designer: Zhang Jian

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