Devialet’s new PHANTOM ELEVATE high-end speaker

Feel the physical impact of ultra-dense sound. Experience your music with the most extreme power, clarity and precision ever achieved. Breathtaking. Phantom Elevate!

It is actually an upgraded version of the original model released two years ago, that is not only 60 percent more powerful, but also a bit cheaper.The major source of the improvement is the integration of Devialet’s second-generation analog-digital hybrid amplification (ADH2), which was previously only found on the Gold Phantom. Like its forerunner, ADH2 employs an analog amplifier supported by digital amps to power the unit’s speakers. However, it does its work much more efficiently, raising the Phantom Elevate’s output to 1,200 watts and generate up to 101 dB—plenty to fill even a large room. Devialet Elevate supports Bluetooth and WiFi and courtesy of its Spark app, you can stream music from iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices. If you hook-up the Elevate to a Devialet Dialog hub, you can make it part of a multi-room audio system. The Dialog acts as a centralized hub, that allows you to have as many as 24 Devialet Phantom or Elevate speakers connected simultaneously. With power, clarity and precision unlike anything you’ve heard before. Revolutionary. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth, multiroom. Phantom obliterates all existing systems.

Source: Devialet

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