RETRODUCK transforms your smart phone into a retro-style television

Retroduck is a beautiful and useful dock for any home. Even with its small size, it’s capable of becoming a center-point of attraction.

Retroduck comes with a cute pair of legs to make the dock stand on a raised platform. The dock can however be used without the legs too. The dock also serves as a charging hub for the phone, allowing you to slip your lightning cable inside it, so when you slide your phone in, it instantly begins charging. The dock is perfect for people who want to watch TV content on their phone (Netflix and retro-chill!) while the Retroduck works wonders as an alarm too, with its sound amplifying capabilities.

The dock (or duck?) comes in three color variants, ranging from a vintage brown, to a minimalist white/grey, to the deliciously iconic orange! Built for iPhones 6 and up, the dock comes in two sizes to accommodate the regular and plus sized variants.

Designer: BKID for Wisekids

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