Orrery Lamp – Solar eclipse in your living room

Orrery’s sheer beauty lies in the fact that it doesn’t portray itself as a scientific lighting device/installation, but rather as the most elegant lamp in your home that takes inspiration from astronomical events.

The sun itself comes in hand-blown glass, while the planets/satellites are lathe-spun out of walnut wood and then mounted on a machined brass fixture that’s available in a classic polished brass or a midnight blue finish. You’ll even find that the model of the earth is tilted at the 23.5° angle, lending not only accuracy to the lamp’s design, but also giving it a unique detail that breaks the flow of expectation of the design in an eye-catching way. Orrery comes in two sizes, a tabletop variant for adorning on coffee-tables, study-tables and mantelpieces, while the taller standing lamp variant proves to be perfect for study rooms, or even living rooms, acting as an installation and an interactive element while even being a rather wonderful conversations starter, because the Orrery lamp is the most captivating lamp you’ll ever own!

Designer: Bobby Genalo

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