Powerleaf+ Solar Charger

Coming from Flexsolar (the company behind the PocketPower) the Powerleaf+ allows you to tap into the largest power supply known to man, the sun. It comes with a portable and weatherproof design, surge protection, a kickstand, and USB and DC 5521 outputs, giving it the capacity to charge pretty much every gadget you have!

Powerleaf+ is an upgraded version of previous Powerleaf solar charger. You can use this solar charger to run electrical devices such as tablets ,mobile phones, your GPS, other 5V gadgets or charge your 12V batteries directly. It`s essential for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and outdoors military training. So that even in absence of power support, there is electricity as long as there are sunshine and solar charger.

Designers: Xudong Qiu, Charlie Hu & Chengming Gui

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