Panigiri Outdoor Dining System

Designed by Belgian furniture brand Extremis, this modular outdoor dining system is named Panigiri, and it is designed to accommodate a whole bunch of people to sit comfortably in a range of seating options. The system includes various benches divided for easy access, along with an add-on option called Bring Your Own Seat (BYOS) for additional backrest support. Named after the Greek words “pan” and “giri,” meaning “all” and “gathering,” respectively, the design aims to foster communal dining experiences. Customizable table lengths ensure seating for any number of people. Available in three versions – Panigiri Picnic, Panigiri Table, and Panigiri Combo – the furniture is crafted from steel and ash wood for durability, with sustainability in mind. Perfect for spring picnics or Sunday brunches, the dining system offers versatility while requiring space in your yard.

Designer: Extremis

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