Infinix NOTE 40 smartphones

Infinix NOTE 40 smartphones offering super-fast charging, stylish design, and high-end specs like MediaTek chips, 108MP main cameras, and Active Halo lighting. Rapid charging technology up to 100W, reaching 50% battery in minutes, powered by Infinix’s Cheetah X1 chip, with safety features like Bypass Charging 2.0. Infinix’s magnetic wireless charging technology, complementing the 20W wireless charging capabilities of the NOTE 40 series. Mid-range processors powering the NOTE 40 series, paired with 8 or 12GB of RAM for smooth performance. AI-powered feature providing dynamic notifications and accents to enhance the smartphone experience. Special edition of the NOTE 40 series, emphasizing super-fast charging, set to be released later in the year.

Designer: Infinik

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