Fruit Collecting Net

Fruits Collecting NetWhen fruits ripen and fall, the Fruits Collecting Net will function as a buffer and hold the fruits.

Fruit collecting net

Fruit collecting net

Fruit collecting net

Fruits may be damaged when they fall from the trees after they ripen. The unpredictability of this process makes it inconvenient to collect fruits all the time. As a solution, the Fruits Collecting Net can be tied and positioned under fruit trees to form a sloping net. This breaks the fall of the falling fruits and keeps the fruits from being damaged. It is a more convenient way of fruit collection. The design can be folded into a square, making it easy to store and carry around.

The Fruit Collecting Net is a Red Dot Award winning design for the year 2015.

Designers: Qiu Liwei, Shen Lihua, Li Yu, Shi Xiaoming and Liu Guona


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