World’s Top 5 Biggest Land Based Cranes

World's Top 5 Biggest Land Based Cranes

Today, we’ll look at the top five tallest land-based cranes in the world.

The fifth tallest crane in our ranking is the Demag CC 8800-1 TWIN, being 768 ft (234m) high. This is a behemoth of a crawler crane with a lifting capacity of of 3200 tons (2903 metric tons ). The 787 ft (240m) tall CC 8800-1 crane was introduced by the Demag in 2002 as its biggest crane at that time. Our third rank belongs to a very special kind of machine. Mammoet PTC 200 DS is the only “ring crane” on our list. They are extremely rare.

Only a few are in use, and they are all operated by specialized heavy-lift companies. Liebherr’s LR 13000, introduced in 2010, is the world’s second tallest land-based crane. With the maximum lifting capacity of 3,000 tons this one is is the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. The 1st place and the title of world’s tallest land-based crane goes to Sarens SGC 250 aka Big Carl, launched in 2018. This is the largest ring crane in the world in both size and capacity.

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