Unique Smart Bikes

Unique Smart Bikes

5 Unique Electric bicycle You Can Control With SmartPhone

Unique Smart Bikes di blasi

R30 DI BLASI The DI BLASI electric mobility scooter mod. R30 ensures a comfortable drive and easy access. It’s easy to drive because all you have to do is activate the switch and press the lever to regulate the speed. You can even use it in narrow spaces because it’s only 62 cm wide. It’s easy to handle because it uses a 58 cm turning circle and is fitted with a reverse gear.

Unique Smart Bikes aeyo bike

AEYO BIKE it’s a rollerblade-scooter-bicycle hybrid that offers you an alternative mode of transportation, aside from the usual bike, trike, or scooter.

Unique Smart Bikes GeoOrbital wheel

GEO ORBITAL WHEEL The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel (the wheels on the TRON Motorcycles). The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric bike in under 60 seconds.

Unique Smart Bikes AudiEbike

AUDI ELECTRIC BIKE The Audi e-bike Wörthersee is a high-performance sports machine for sporty people. … The 2.3 kW electric motor is connected to the bottom bracket and, when the e-bike is operating in “Pedelec” mode, enables a top speed of up to 80 km/h. The lithium-ion battery, mounted in the frame, delivers a range of up to 70 km.

Unique Smart Bikes Cyclotron

CYCLOTRON The Cyclotron Bike is a smart bicycle that has airless and spokeless wheels. Its integrated design allows for better aerodynamics, making it really fast to ride.

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