TIKKU – The Stick

TIKKU is a micro-apartment building with a foot-print of one car parking place 2,5 x 5 meters aims at showing that our footprint as an individual really doesn’t need to be that big. It is assembled out of CLT cross-laminated timber spatial modules and can be erected on site overnight at any car-city of the world. Where ever a car can go, Tikku can grow, comes with its own solar panels to harvest energy, and a dry toilet that works without water. Simple modules allow you to choose the kind of Tikku you want to build. You can choose between different modules to convert parts of your home into an office, shop, kitchen, sauna, dojo, workshop, or even a hotel-room!  The first 1:1 scale prototype of the Tikku was realized for the Helsinki Design Week 2017 outside of Atheneum in the heart of Helsinki. This Tikku had 3 floors: sleeping, working and green-house.

Designer: Marco Casagrande

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