SkeleStool would be the right name for this stool because it lends itself very well to play on words combining the term stool, stool, to a part of the word skeleton, skeleton. Yes, because it is a so small stool in the form and in the compact concept to be called just the skeleton structure.

tango stool

tango stool

In truth it’s called Tango and the idea is to Maffam Freeform that gives life to this new collection of chairs and mid-way between the stool in the narrow sense and the true and proper chair. Truly space to sit is incredibly low, enough to make us rise to many doubts about the comfort of this piece of furniture. The design is deliberately kept low so as to suggest, and never explicitly propose forms of a chair that is stripped of all tinsel and partly also its functionality. The choice of material is also particularly, a compound based on carbon which makes the chair not only durable but also ultra-light.

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