SuperYR Calendar

Imagine being able to visualize your monthly, quarterly, or even yearly plans at one go… being able to make updates, changes, add notes, snippets, etc to really capture plans, deadlines and events all on one massive canvas.

The greatest thing about the SuperYR is its size. It fits the entire year into its large canvas, giving you a complete overview on your year, allowing you to really plan things efficiently on a larger scale. The SuperYR comes with a transparent outer layer that allows you to go directly at it with a whiteboard marker. Plan daily, weekly or even monthly events by scribbling across the calendar’s 30inch X 40inch banner-sized canvas. Feel free to stick a post-it or two too. The SuperYR can take as much ink and repositionable glue you give it and can wipe completely clean with a single stroke of a duster or cloth. The SuperYR even comes with a magnetic sub-surface, allowing you to indulge your creative side and stick notes, prints, and even photos using magnetic pins.

So whether you’re an individual professional with a tight schedule, a student who really wants to manage their time, a creative who wants to achieve everything they set their mind on, or a collective team with great visions and goals, the SuperYR is perfect for you!


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