Space Time Coordinates Your 3D Printed personal Solar System

The SpaceTime Coordinates Color Art Prints add a layer of complexity to the planetary positions, creating something more detailed and with greater finesse. Using complex algorithms to determine planetary positions (the same used by NASA), the Color Art Prints are massive family portraits of our larger home, the solar system, and its members.

Whether this be your birthday or another important date in our ephemeral existence, this is a wonderful way to put yourself at the centre of the solar system and remember you occupy a small corner of this monolithic cosmic landscape, no matter how minuscule. Available as a museum-quality poster, the image is printed on thick, archival, acid-free matte paper, bearing your name, along with the Julian Date (time variable widely used in astronomy) corresponding to your personal date – each design is truly unique and personal. Like a person’s DNA, no two snapshots are the same which makes for an extraordinary gift. “On any given date, the Solar System was organized in a singularly unique way – differently than any other day in history,” explains founders Govy and Martin Vézina. “Our mission is to provide you with the actual snapshot of the Solar System that corresponds to your most special day.”

The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter as part of the website’s Projects of Earth series.

Designers: Govy and Martin Vézina of SpaceTime Coordinates

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