Solar-Powered Rail Bus System

Dubai has continued to consistently demonstrate a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, blending luxury with technological advancement. The Floc Duo Rail system, developed in collaboration with UK-based Urban-Mass Company, is set to revolutionize urban transportation. Comprising driverless, electric-powered pods moving on an elevated track, this innovative system eliminates the need for extensive earthworks, costly tunnels, and large stations. The double-track design enables swift and efficient movement within urban areas, with the added advantage of scalability. The system can be tailored from small local areas to city-wide networks, showcasing its adaptability to various urban environments.

Ricky Sandhu, the founder and CEO of Urban.Mass, emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating that it epitomizes the strong commitment of the UK and the UAE to combat climate change.

Designer: Urban-Mass Company and RAIL BUS Inc.

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