The concept of the POWER HUG robot is indeed intriguing and thoughtful. It aims to provide not just physical comfort, but also emotional support to individuals who have been displaced due to natural disasters. The robot’s design is unique and human-centric. It’s cylindrical with two soft, bendable tubes that wrap around each end like a wheel. The middle of the robot features a screen that displays a face, adding a more personal touch to the design. The robot is covered with a thin cushion and soft fabric, allowing individuals to embrace it for comfort. In terms of functionality, the POWER HUG robot serves as a large power bank with outlets for both USB cables and typical power adapters. This feature can be incredibly useful in evacuation centers where electric power may be scarce. Additionally, the robot has a built-in warmer to provide warmth, especially during cold nights. It’s a great example of how technology can be designed with empathy and used for humanitarian purposes. It would be interesting to see how this concept could be developed further and implemented in real-world scenarios.

Designers: Taejeong Kim, Yeji Jeon

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