With the Manuable Backpack you can literally make a statement! Designed in white durable fabric, the backpack comes with a “communication kit” of various attachments featuring characters and emojis that can be placed around the canvas.

Manuable Backpack is completely water-repellent! Which means it doesn’t stain or even retain drops of water, mud, or grime. The water-repellent, stain-resistant bag is also entirely machine washable. They say you can literally place the whole bag (emptied of its contents of course) into the washing machine and give it a good cleaning! The Manuable bag may be white on the outside, but the minute you unzip it, you’re greeted with a fresh blast of color on the inside. We love this understated-outside yet vibrant-inside effect the backpack has. You can choose between orange, pink, gray, and blue interiors. The backpack is equipped with a padded laptop slot and a set of stencils/sticker packs of your choice.

Designers: Ubaldo Ortiz, Sara Wong & Claudio Tello

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