Local Bee by Will Jordan

The Local Bee service brings people closer to their local bee keeper and, in essence, their honey too! After getting up close and personal with a beekeeper and the bees themselves, designer Will Jordan saw opportunities to improve the artificial hive which has gone largely unchanged for many years. The result is a hive that’s not only more functional but aesthetically friendly!

First, the hive is elevated to mimic that of a natural hive. Placed 2 meters above the ground it protects the bees from critters and invaders that may want to steal honey or cause distress to the bees. It also allows for the bees to enter the hive from the bottom, which allows them to create comb with gravity as they would naturally. Second, the new hive’s material composition promotes a healthy climate while also keeping external sound disturbance to a minimum. It consists of cork, wood and mycelium (a material made from mushrooms). Drastic temperature can cause shock and result in bee death. In between the cork and the mycelium there are pockets that trap air to prevent dramatic changes in temperature. This, in combination with the cork and mycelium as insulating materials, keeps the hive’s temperature consistent. Additionally, the cork also acts as an acoustic dampener to prevent noise disturbance.

Designer: Will Jordan

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