Jojutla Central Gardens in Mexico / MMX

After the devastating 09/17 earthquakes in Mexico, Jojutla was one of the most affected communities in the state of Morelos, suffering damage in multiple structures and public spaces. To rebuild an identity that uses public spaces as its media, while obtaining the community’s approval was the major challenge for developing Jardines Centrales de Jojutla. The core idea came from the trees. Unique elements that survived the earthquake standing without damage, therefore, in a symbolic stand, the Civic Centre of Jojutla was bound to become the “Central Gardens of Jojutla” evoking the concept of resiliency by means of the vegetation. The arcades that coexist next to the gardens are structures that reinterpret the region´s traditional architecture. They serve as frames for the civic and leisure events required by the city. The selected materials were artisanal ochre brick, basaltic grey stone for pavements and an extensive array of local flora species.

MMX jojutla central gardens


Architects: MMX


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