House in Kawachinagano in Osaka, Japan / arbol

The site is in the middle of Kawachinagano-city, Osaka prefecture Japan, located in a quiet residential area, a slight far from the main road which is close to Amami River, running from Kisen Mountain. The house was not built in two-story, nor using the maximum building coverage ratio, instead, one-story house style was chosen, preparing the least requirements space, the balance of minimum image or the outline in the whole house was neatly adjusted, it was simple but created one step a time with heart and soul. In this place, “today’s mood furniture” will be wrapped with a soft calming light, which will show the change the color of it, along with the seasons and the time, and with the sound quietly heard from the river, such a special space is expanding.

House in Kawachinagano

Architects: arbol / Photographs: Yasunori Shimomura

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