Connect Life Jacket

Connect Life Jacket Designed Specially for A Parent and A Baby.

connect life jacket

connect life jacket

connect life jacketThe Connect integrates mother and child into one single jacket (also adhering with the practice of evacuating “women and children first”), allowing the parent and child to stay safe and more importantly together in the event of a maritime crisis. The child’s positioning is convenient because it keeps it close to the mother’s heart. While this design definitely makes a great argument against separate life jackets, the only concern I have is that the child’s face is at a lower level than the parent’s, making it be the first to get submerged under the water. This decision allows the mother’s sight to be unobstructed by the baby’s head, but raises a concern for the child’s safety, if parent and child were to fall overboard. What do you think?

Designers : Jialin Song, Kun Xu, Yumo Jiang, and Chaojun Zhang

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