CMRA: A new Apple Watch strap with integrated cameras

The CMRA strap puts not one, but TWO cameras on the strap of the Watch! Positioned in a front/back configuration, the strap can either film you, or what’s going on in front of you. The CMRA strap comes with 24-hr batteries of its own, so never fear. Both cameras are HD enabled and LED lights shine up to notify you if the camera is in use. Choose from 4 classic colors, white, grey, ocean blue, or black.

Designer: Glide

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  1. After another crowdfunding project Plastc just bailed on all backers screwing us for over $9 Million, I’d like to know when CMRA is going to ship. Yes you said spring of 2017 but so did the scammer Ryan Marquis then just vanished.

    Not saying you are the same but since it IS spring 2017, we financial backers deserve some news on release. You are being way too quiet. When is it being released, what month. If you cannot even say that, I’m worried. You are the last shot at crowdfunding for me. Tired of being ripped off. Give us hope!

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