Bostanlı Footbridge and Bostanlı Sunset Lounge in İzmir, Turkey

Bostanlı Footbridge and Bostanlı Sunset Lounge have been designed by Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects as part of the ‘Karşıkıyı’ concept created for ‘İzmirSea’ coastal regeneration project.

These two urban installations, facing each other on the same spot, sustain the general framework defined in ‘Karşıkıyı’ proposal, the master plan for Karşıyaka coastline. Natural, independent, ingenuous and inclusive; both of the designs serve as genuine ‘counter-spaces’ in Lefebvre’s terms. Footbridge and Sunset Lounge, both promise a new urban space to experience different forms of ‘idleness’, by employing the social, geographical and historical backgrounds of this unique location. These new coastal interventions also fit perfectly with the ‘Easy Way of Living’ vision established for the city of İzmir, by ‘İzmirSea’ coastal regeneration project.

Architects: steb / Photographs: ZM Yasa Architecture Photography

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