AIRLANDER 10 The largest aircraft ever to fly soon

The largest aircraft in the world should start on the first test flight for a few days.

Airlander 10

Airlander 10 in 2009, was developed for the US Army, but since the project remained unfinished, its purpose is diverted to commercial. It is interesting that “Airlander 10” can fly for five days straight, to carry 10 tons of cargo, and to get him down to the water. Airlander 10 aircraft is longer than a football field, is a mix of balloons, airplanes and helicopters, designed by the British design company Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) who works for the US Army.

Airlander 10

Airlander 10 is underpinned by the company’s numerous patents vested worldwide. From the latest materials technology, to the aerodynamic effects of its shape, it is full of innovation. There is no internal structure in the Airlander – it maintains its shape due to the pressure stabilisation of the helium inside the hull, and the smart and strong Vectran material it is made of. Carbon composites are used throughout the aircraft for strength and weight savings.

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