Whether it’s clothes or toys, it seems like kids outgrow things faster than you can replace them. Understanding that kids grow like weeds, designer Zhang Ting crafted this bespoke bicycle that not only adapts to little ones’ changing height but also helps them transition from scooting to cycling.

With its seat set at the lowest setting, kids can start out working on the basics like balancing while they scoot around. As they grow, the saddle and even the handlebars can be lifted. When they’re ready, the design can easily be fitted with a single chain drive at the bottom of the frame and rear hub link, transforming it from seated-scooter to a fixie bike! Crafted from raw wood and leather and featuring distressed metal parts and oversized tires, it’s a super-stylish starter bike any hipster kid will appreciate!

Designer: Zhang Ting / Source: yankodesign

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