Well is a home water conservation system that teaches people how to use their water more efficiently. Through seamless integration of hardware and software, Well collects accurate data and informs users about the realities of water consumption in their home.



Consisting of self powered sensors and smart fixtures, Well products are in-line with standard pipe and thread sizes to ensure a frustration-free installation experience right from the start. The showerhead actually combines itself with the hand-shower, becoming a hybrid in itself. The detail we can’t stop loving is the magnetic ball-socket joint that is less of a joinery and more of a piece of art. The hand-shower has a domed head that sits in a concave enclosure, held by a magnet. It can be adjusted and angled in any way necessary, just by maneuvering it via the handle. Gently pull it outwards and the showerhead releases from its magnetic enclosure, becoming a fully operational hand-held shower.

Designers: Matter & Mindtribe

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