Time-Lapse Shows the Roof Installation at Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

On Thursday, July 29th, the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano’s roof was officially completed. This new stadium, a renovation of the old Peineta athletics stadium, is the new home ground of Spanish football club Atlético Madrid.

The roof was designed by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos with support from engineers Schlaich Bergermann Partner. The milestone marks four months of intense work since the installation of the first of the 96 PTFE radial panels at the north end of the stadium.

As Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos explain: The roof is made of two large rings. The first is a double outer perimeter ring with a tridimensional double truss shape that largely holds the tensional forces of the roof thanks to its geometry. A central double traction ring collects part of roof’s load and the tension forces, creating the oversized roof that is clearly the signature of the project.

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