Professional Hair Dryer by Andy Kim

While hair dryers on the market are often made using plastic and feature a clunky aesthetic, this hair dryer is far more premium with a metal casing and premium accoutrements. This makes the hair dryer look more like an advanced piece of technology rather than a simple appliance for drying wet hair.

On a matte body, the reflections off the disc are welcome, and stand out like a work of art on a blank canvas. Lastly, and most importantly is the palette. The hair dryer does a wonderful job of selecting colors that just work. The black and white ones are classic, while the navy blue and golden combo give the product a royal feel. The shade of pink works well too, given that hair dryers are usually used by women… but the exact pastel hue seems to be a derivative of the rose-gold trend found in today’s technology.

Designer: Andy Kim

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