OMA’s Masterplan for Feyenoord City in Rotterdam Approved

OMA has released images of their masterplan for Feyenoord City, Rotterdam, after the plan was approved by city’s mayor and alderman.








OMA’s Masterplan for Feyenoord City 11

Developed for the Feyenoord football club, the project will consist of a redeveloped mixed-use district centered around a new 63,000 seat stadium for the team located along the Maas River.

“With the development of Feyenoord City, OMA contributes to the next phase of development for the city of Rotterdam, our home town. We help to connect parts of the city that were isolated and difficult to reach; we designed a piece of city around the Feyenoord football club and its new stadium, which will connect people through sport and community,” said David Gianotten, partner-in-charge at OMA.

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