One of the biggest advantages that these dumbbells possess is that thanks to their compact size and magnetism, they are easily transportable. They adjust to all kinds of training routines as we can simply switch the polarity of electromagnets and get going.

Features: The strength of these electromagnets can be set by adjusting the level of electric power according to the work out intensity wanted by the user. It is no longer necessary to carry different regular dumbbells for ten different work out levels, instead only one magnetic dumbbell will always meet the current needs of different training intensity levels. By integrating the push-pull power of the embedded electromagnets, users are no longer bound to the local gym. The display indicates 8-circled bars which each represents an additional weight of 3kg. The user can conveniently choose the right training weight ranging from 3kg to 24kg at a glance. The user can follow the repetitions of each training-set as they are indicated on the display in the middle of the device.
Designers: Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee

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