Norss Tractor

Norss Tractor is a contemporary delivery of an agricultural machine. Innovative technical solutions and simple, clear design are to ensure improvement in all forms of agricultural tasks at the farmstead. Norss Tractor is a contemporary solution of an agricultural machine, operating as a command unit. Due to its structure it allows to maintain full control over the area of work. Mobile driver’s cab slides on a special rail back and forth, allowing to monitor actions on both ends of the vehicle.

Interestingly, its resulting simplicity and symmetry are expertly executed for a look that’s undeniably artistic. At the heart of the design is a mobile driver’s cab unit that is set on a track and capable of moving from one end to the other, providing the operator with enhanced views from the glass cockpit. For areas that are harder to see, lights and cameras have replaced mirrors.

Designer: Artur Gaca




Designer: Artur Gaca

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