NIWA Nixie tube watch

The NIWA is a wrist-watch that literally uses nixie tubes to display the time!

The NIWA is styled with a kind of aesthetic that makes it look like a mad-scientist’s creation. With two incredibly tiny (IN-16) nixie tubes at the center, and glowing blue arc-reactor-ish coils (IV-15) on either side. The tubes light up to display the time, with the blue coils glowing in the background. This entire setup fits right into a 55mm housing (that’s pretty small for a nixie tube!). A sapphire glass* sits atop this dial, providing an immaculately clear view of the time, while also protecting your watch from impact and scratches. Making nixie tubes is an art and making them this small is nothing short of a masterpiece. These two tubes come with an illustrious history of nixie tube craftsmanship that’s slowly dying as LCD screens take over everything. The nixie tubes aren’t power intensive, so will need charging once every 4-6 days. The NIWA comes with a MicroUSB port, allowing you to use any regular smartphone charger to juice it up.

Designer: Alexander Avramenko

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