JACK Bluetooth Headset

Jack by Podo allows you to make any wired headphones wireless. As small as an MP3 player, this gizmo can turn your wired headphone into a Bluetooth device. Just plug them in and you’re set.

The great thing is that you can use Jack to connect any AUX enabled device to any Bluetooth enabled device. The Jack can transmit as well as receive, which means you can broadcast audio from your non-Bluetooth TV to a Bluetooth headset, or receive audio wirelessly from your phone to your car’s audio system without the dangling, inconvenient AUX. Where things get interesting is when it comes to audio sharing.You can pair two jacks together and share what you’re listening with a friend. Think of it as a wireless audio splitter. Even the music quality from the Jack sounds too good to be true. Instead of letting your phone downsample the audio, it actually plays the audio at CD-like quality (44.1 kHz) for the crispest audio ever. Plus, with a promising 12 hours of music playback on a single battery charge, you could virtually get through your entire day wirelessly.

Designer: Podo Labs

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