H12PRO modified HERO12 Black camera

The folks at Canada-based Back-Bone managed to hack together a GoPro HERO12 to make it universally compatible with a whole range of DSLR lenses. The Back-Bone H12PRO is a modified HERO12 that comes with quite a few interesting tricks up its sleeve. The front features a special mounting armature to load professional camera lenses, giving your GoPro HERO12 the ability to shoot in ultrawide but also telescopic, or even macro, depending on the lenses you’ve got on hand.

H12PRO modified HERO12 Black camera

H12PRO modified HERO12 Black camera Aluminum Tripod Mount Original folding GoPro mount Enduro Battery 5mm C-Mount ring M12 to CS adapter M12 locking ring Plastic cap (C-Mount) USB-C Cable Curved adhesive mount Mounting buckle Spare protective glass filter Understandably, a modified HERO12 won’t be covered under GoPro’s warranty program, but Back-Bone does offer a 6-month repair guarantee against faulty parts or defects, and a zero-labor-cost repair warranty for a year (you just pay for parts and shipping). Designer: Back-Bone

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