GoPlug Powered Bag by Josh Cross

The GoPlug Powered Bag is ideal for traveling or simply working in remote locations devoid of outlets, the bag enables increased efficiency and functionality.

GoPlug Powered Bag

Attach a solar panel on the front of the bag using the integrated carabiners in the front pocket. The solar panel plugs in to the power-in barrel port to recharge the power bank wherever you are.

GoPlug Powered Bag

GoPlug Powered Bag

The mighty lithium polymer battery can store enough energy to fully charge a smartphone 18 times over. The GoPlug Powered Bag features a rotating power station on one side and the bag is equipped with three USB ports, one USB-C port, one 12v DC port, and one 120v AC port for anything you may need to charge or plug in.

Source: thegadgetflow

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