FAMILY water purifier

Today, the number of people using a water purifier has steadily increased in order to drink clean, healthy water, which is vital to human life. But there also has been a problem to change the setting of a purifier whenever using it, because every individual has different preference, like water type, amount, and temperature. So we suggest FAMILY as a solution for this inconvenience.  FAMILY is an IoT technology-based smart water purifier. Just like a family who knows well about each other, needless to say, it saves each drinker’s preferred water data in a cup, and always provides clean, customized water whenever a drinker puts a cup close to the purifier, without need to change the setting or push a button.  It also helps a drinker check how much water he or she has drunk in a day via their smartphone, and encourages to drink as much as vitally required, just like a loving family.

Designer: Wanki Kim, Jo Ara, SoYeon Na, Seunghee Seo

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