Elicto ES-330: Electronic Spin Mop and Polisher

Designed to exceed the expectations of anyone who loves having a flawless floor, this innovative wireless mop will make the daily cleaning process easy as a breeze.

Elicto ES-330 comes with interchangeable rotating heads made of microfiber that clean easily, and are easy to clean too. Just pop them off and chuck them in the laundry after every 3-4 uses. The mop even comes with an inbuilt water tank and a spray button for those stubborn stains. Using the Electronic Spin Mop is a dream. Just guide it along the floor like you would do a vacuum cleaner, and the spinning microfiber heads whoosh at 250rpm to wipe off anything even remotely related to dirt and grime. Plus, this beaut is battery powered, so no cords, no wires.

Designer: Shin Kang

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