EGLOO – A candle-powered heater

Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic environment, offering, as a option, a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological energy, taking advantage of features of terracotta that stores the heat and slowly and gradually releases it by radiation, even after it blows out.

Egloo manages to do something rather marvelous. It replaces an expensive appliance that wastes electricity with an alternative that is easy to use and is made from natural materials. It uses regular tea light candles to generate heat that’s powerful enough to raise the temperature of a large room by 2-3° in just half an hour. Made out of terracotta, this nifty device has two domes that trap the candle heat between them, releasing it through a small orifice on the top. With the Egloo, all you need is a couple of candles and the terracotta does the rest of the magic…

Designer: Marco Zagaria

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