Cycling Center in Tiszafüred, Hungary

For the lovers of contemporary architecture it is immediately obvious the Bicycle Center designed by Ferdinand Architects may have been inspired by Dutch or Danish examples of urban bicycle facilities. The road becomes the building itselt in their stucture, too, as it spirals upwards, slowly ascending and finally connects into the building at the top – where the entrance zone to the Pavilion was located.


This concept was further developed in Tiszafüred, the connection of the central corpus and the spirals are loosened, less calculated, less regular. The roads that take the cyclers up are coverd with green roofs at certain parts establish the functional connection between the levels of the building. The three floors have three distinctly different functions: The ground floor houses bicycle rentals and service function, wash rooms and showers are located on the seond floor, while the top floor gives room to a coffe shop and ian nformation desk. From here you can enjoy the beautiful vistas of Tisza Lake.

Architects: Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects

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