Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb installation

Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb is an installation, a social experiment and a dinner in one. In a food studio with twelve chairs, a series of evenings are organized where food, drinks and art will be the focus.

Blekingegatan 16 - Matklubb

The studio that otherwise is not open to the public, now offers up to seven nights, based on conversations and philosophical questions about the meeting between the food and the arts. You will be served a dinner, but the experience is far from three dishes, tired restaurant concept and reheated food trends. The project is a reflection of society’s relationship to the restaurant versus the staged show. Where is the line between art and cooking? Which building is the most viewed? And how can we use these social activities to create new meetings and venues? Guests vary, but the starting point is always the same. One or two artistic creators collaborating with a chef. Chefs who are willing to go outside their usual context and artists who dare to approach food as a material for making and storytelling. Together they design something that departs from the normal process and the experience surrounding the development and serve a dinner. While attending as a guest along with a group of people you would not usually go out to eat dinner with.

Blekingegatan 16 - Matklubb

Blekingegatan 16 – Matklubb is an initiative of and cooperation between Pjadad and Bohm Bohm Room. Pjadad is an experimental design studio run by Petter KUKACKA. Bohm Bohm Roomär an interdisciplinary production offices in the arts and culture that is driven by Emelie Bergbohm.

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