Aroma Mountain evoke a feeling of tranquility and inner-peace!

The Aroma Mountain is a nice low-poly styled mountain sculpture that sits on your desk, or bedside table, calmly emitting smoke from the incense stick inside it, while hiding the incense’s inherent ugliness i.e., the ash residue that’s left behind after the incense burns out. Made out of Aluminum, the Aroma Mountain comes in two variants (the vertical type mountain and horizontal type), one for the stub-type incenses and another for the stick based incenses. Its shape not only makes it look like a nice mountain memento to decorate one’s house with, it also contains an inner chamber that’s designed for distributing and dissipating heat evenly while guiding smoke upwards out the top in a manner that allows the wisps of smoke to be seen.

Designer: David Choi of MARK & DRAW

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